What Reiki Course Would Suit Me Best?

At Dreamstone Holistics - Therapies & Training we offer a range of choices with regards to learning Reiki, from Level 1 (Shoden) right through to Master Teacher (Dai-shihan). 

Teaching Formats Available:

  • A series of evening classes run over 5-weeks (per level)
  • Two-day weekend workshops (per level)
  • One-to-one training
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What Do The Different Levels of Reiki Mean?

If you want to learn Reiki for personal use and for treating family & friends, but do not wish to be an insured practitioner, charging for treatments or volunteering in hospices etc. then Reiki Level I (Shoden) is just right for you and you need go no further.

If you want to-

  • Learn how to do distance healing
  • Gain insurance
  • Charge for treatments
  • Volunteer in hospices etc.

Then Reiki Level II (Okuden) is the way forward, having gained Reiki Level I first.

If you feel that, having achieved Reiki Levels I & II that you want to further your practice or pass on attunements then there are three different options available at Reiki Level III (Shinpiden).