Recommendations & Suggestions


Below are some recommendations & suggestions of books which are referenced during the Reiki Courses:



One of the things I recommend to students is that they use License-free music.  Here are a few suggestions:


  AlbumCover-Aroshanti-Reiki-Relaxation  AlbumCover-Aroshanti-Reiki-Sound-Essence AlbumCover-Aroshanti-Tao-Relaxation 
 banner1 On John Levine's website he has special offers for therapists and you can purchase an annual license.  Every time you renew your license you get a free CD of your choice.  EnlightenedAudio Enlightened Audio is the website of Christopher Lloyd Clarke.  He has a wide range of music and although it is probably the most expensive it is worth a look and the price inlcudes the license.