Just for Today

A one-day workshop of meditation & practical activities exploring the Reiki Precepts


"The secret method of inviting blessings, the spiritual medicine of many illnesses

(Shôfuku no hihô, Manbyo no rei yaku)

Just for today (Kyo dake wa):

Don't get angry (Ikoru na)

Don't worry (Shinpai su na)

Be grateful (Kansha shite)

Work hard (Gyo wo hage me)

Be kind to others (Hito ni shinsetsu ni)

Mornings and evenings sit in the gassho position and repeat these words out loud and in your heart

(Asa you gassho shite kokoro ni neji kuchi ni tonaeyo)

For the improvement of mind and body (Shin shin kaizen)

Usui Spiritual Healing Method (Usui Reiki Ryoho)

The founder, Mikao Usui (Chossô, Usui Mikao)"